Friday, October 2, 2009


The tile guy finished today, and the bathroom floor looks awesome!

Do you know how many millions of different kinds of floor tiles there are? Our guy sent us to a tile store, and there must have been a thousand different tiles there, plus all the optional borders and different sizes.

Lucky for me the whole store was tiled with different tiles and different patterns in room-sized sections. The pattern I liked is called "pinwheel," using 12- and 6-inch tiles. And the other lucky thing was we had a sample of the tub surround from the plumbing supplier, so I could make sure the colors were complementary.

Anyway, after agonies of indecision I finally made up my mind, and then yesterday the tile guy said, do you want straight or diagonal?

How the hell do I know?

I opted for diagonal, since that seems to be the trend, and there you have it. Anyway, it's all done and I just love the result.

What a relief.


  1. Woohoo! Looks awesome. :) Hopefully you can have a long soak in that tub soon!

  2. *Stepping back*
    *Trips over tub*
    Wups. The tiling is exquisite. Now, how about some fixtures...

  3. Fixtures are in the garage...

  4. If the fixtures are sitting in the garage, does that make hygiene in your household more of a virtual reality kinda thingy? C'mon,'fess up... you're really going to Europe because the neighbours took up a collection to send you to raise the property values in your Burg, right?

    Oh...loved the tiles, btw, although I tend to the deeper colours myself. Yours are better for resale, though. Did you have trouble taking the diamond shreddies quiz, too? They even threw in an eh just for me. :D

  5. *wonders if Dee appreciates the self-control being exercised here, with no references being made to shower attachments...*

  6. already got the shower massager comments on my tub post. as for colors, if dave didn't pick on me, my entire house would be monochrome ivory. i have very conservative color taste.