Sunday, October 25, 2009

They f*ck you at the limo service

Travel Diary Day 1
Friday, October 23

Our big vacation almost got off to a really bad start thanks to the limo service Molly booked to take us from her townhouse to Newark Liberty airport to catch our flight to Europe. Molly specifically told the service that there would be four people and four large bags.

They sent a mid-size sedan.

Even after ten minutes of shifting and piecing the luggage together like a puzzle, it wouldn't fit in the trunk. So we piled ourselves and our bags into Betsy's small SUV, Molly and I squashed into the backseat with the last suitcase.

Not only that, but experts that they are, the limo service allowed 45 minutes to get us to the airport two hours before our international flight.

It was rush hour.

So we crawled. Panic attack city.

And we had to park the car in the long-term parking lot and run to get the bus to the terminal. Still panicking.

We were required to check in no later than one hour before our flight. And of course the kiosk wouldn't read Betsy's passport, so we had to wait for the attendant to come over.

The Continental agent was a good-looking guy with a French accent. When we expressed a little of the anxiety we'd been feeling he glanced at the clock and said with a sexy grin, "Eh, ten whole minutes. No problem."

Once we were checked in, security was a breeze and we even had time to go to the bathroom before they started boarding our flight.

But we made it. Whew.

Sure hope the car's there when we get back.


  1. Imagine how much FURTHER it would have been to get to Kennedy!!! yeesh.... I hate Kennedy... Newark was always so much closer to me...but still, a 15 minute ride could be HOURS when you are trying to push it....

  2. At least we made it, praise God! And you're right about Kennedy. Newark is a lot easier, especially when you're already in Jersey.

  3. Just catching up on my blog reading here ... the title reminds me of a movie. Was it in Lethal Weapon? Glad you got off okay! Now, on to reading about the next days of travel. :)

  4. LOL, you're right, lisa. Joe Pesci, I think it was LW 2-- They f*ck you at the drive-through. Great to know someone gets my really odd sense of humor.

  5. Oh heck! I have been debating with Louise about how much more convenient it is to go thru EWR than JFK, but my husband was such a jerk, he'd drive all the way to Kennedy to prove his point!

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