Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Heinz 57

Back in July the girls and I went over to the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in South Philly. This is a really fascinating swampy area adjacent to the Philadelphia International Airport.

The girls took their dogs and I took my big camera. This is what I saw, ID'd as best I can:

Betsy with Porter and Molly with Mya

Bullfrog, I think

Turtles, no idea what kind


Creepy snake

Barn swallow going to the nest

Barn swallow in the nest

Barn swallows in a tree

Great egret, just hanging around

Great egret, taking off

Juvenile yellow-crowned night heron, lifer for me

Awesome yellow eye on the juvie yellow-crowned night heron

Tree swallow

Getting ready to leave and the bullfrog is still there

Female wood duck and duckings, another lifer

Another female wood duck and ducklings

It was an awesome day in the city!