Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Three cheers for the MVC

I remember the bad old days of bureaucracy in New Jersey. In order to renew your driver's license or register a car, you had to take a half day off from work and stand in line, shoulder-to-shoulder with other sweating, stinking riffraff at the Motor Vehicle Commission, all muttering and grousing, bonding in shared annoyance at the endless waiting. And God forbid you forgot to take a book or newspaper with you to read while you waited.

Maybe some of you from other states or other countries have the same problem. We can all band together in our disdain for government employees, the ones who don't give a crap about our time, who are just putting in the hours, counting the minutes until quitting time, collecting their paycheck and to hell with serving the public.

I just renewed my driver's license, and may I tell you, MVC, you're not getting older, you're getting better! It was, literally, 30 minutes from home to MVC and back home again, new license in hand, smile on my face.

Of course it helps that NJ built a new, modern facility five minutes from my house. And it helps that I knew about the multiple proof-of-identity requirements so had my passport, social security card and a credit card already in hand. And it helps that I waited until the mid-afternoon lull to go.

But really, NJ civil servants have come a long way, baby. They couldn't have been nicer or more efficient. And they even let me keep my four-years-younger, ten-pounds-lighter picture! Go, MVC!

All in all, a trip to the MVC has changed from an afternoon of hell to a few minutes of, well, not exactly pleasure, but certainly no pain.

Thanks, MVC. Thanks, New Jersey.

Now if only they could take those ten pounds off me for real...


  1. ah, i recall the good old days when you could use "I had to go to DMV" as an excuse to be late to ANYWHERE~~~~~

  2. yeah, babe, sometimes change is good, and sometimes it's not. :)

  3. Ours aren't anything like that. Plus, our renewal dates are staggered for our birthdates, which spreads the line-ups around...nothing too scary.

    I commend you on your Joisey hudzpah, Dee...posting your Driver's license pic online? Yowsa. Mine is second only to my passport pic for its ability to frighten small children and other living things. Even if I ever figger out how to upload pics, you'll still end up with an internet polar bear pic from me.

    But of course, YOU are photogenic, as well as a gifted writer *want some bread to go with that butter(ing)?*

  4. I like my driver's license picture. Especially now that I'm older and fatter than it. :) And you'll notice I digitized out the personal info, most especially my date of birth.

  5. The digitizationism you did? 'Twas the first thing I looked for. Honest.

    You do know there's programs to defeat that, right?


  6. jeez, so somebody might find out my date of birth? God forbid.

    Actually I digitized it multiple times, so I hope it can't be defeated. And besides, nobody reads this except my friends. And youse guys wouldn't do that to me, right?