Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Drat! Foiled again!

A month or so ago we bought a peanut feeder. We've never had one, but we thought it might attract blue jays and woodpeckers to our yard.

We watched it for weeks, but no activity. Last week, FINALLY, it had some activity from an unexpected visitor. Pictures at 300mm handheld, so they're not real clear, but the story is worth it.

Me: There's something back at the peanut feeder!

Davey: No way I can see what kind it is way back there.

Me, looking through the telephoto lens: It's a tufted titmouse!

Continuing to snap pictures: Never expected to see a tufted titmouse eating peanuts!

He was having a very hard time getting a peanut, but he didn't give up.

Peck, peck... Yank, yank...

Finally got one, but oops! Where'd it go?

So now it's a little easier, but oops, there goes that one, too.

This one is sticking out. Should be easier to get.

Okay, great! Now I can get it!

But how do I eat it? Oops, there it goes!

Down on the ground below the feeder... Where is it? It's gotta be down here somewhere.

Ah, here it is! He prepares to feast, but...

OMG, what's that? A dog! I'm outa here!

Five minutes later, guess who gets the peanut!

Goodbye peanut. Au revoir, cardinal. So long, tuftie!

Canon 7D Mark II with a Canon 75-300mm zoom lens. All at 300 mm handheld. Cropped and corrected with Photoshop "smart fix."

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mrs. Robin Takes a Shower

The theme for my bird group this week is birds bathing, and I just happened to take about 50 or 60 pictures of a robin bathing in the waterfall of our pond last week.

Here's an overview of the pond and waterfall. It's pretty big! Lots of water flowing there!

So Mrs. Robin, at least I'm pretty sure it's a female, first does a test fly-by, perhaps checking the temperature or flow of the water.

She lands on the waterfall's top cover, looking the situation over.

Looks okay, she thinks, so she hops down closer.

Looking good, so in she goes!

Mr. Robin, her husband, perhaps, just has to get a closer look. You know how guys love to watch us bathe, right, ladies?

It was a hot day, and I bet that water felt great!

She swivels her head to make sure her face gets the full beauty treatment.

And she fluffs up her feathers so they dry nicely.

Well, maybe one more quick rinse.

And that's Mrs. Robin's bath.

What a lovely lady! And what a fun series of pictures to take!

Canon 7D Mark II with a Canon 75-300mm zoom lens. All at 250 mm handheld. Cropped but otherwise uncorrected.