Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Meet Mya

Well, we've had her for a couple months already, but I like to document our household changes here. So meet Mya.

Molly adopted her in October from ACCT in Philly. She's 3 years old, but acts more like a puppy. She's full of energy and loves to pick on poor Porter and bark at the dogs next door.

Mya is also a bit of an escape artist. I think we've finally got her escape hatches all closed off, but we still keep a close eye on her.

She's nowhere near as smart as Porter, but she never had any kind of training. Molly's working with her and we sure hope she'll soon stop jumping on us and leaping over the gates in the house.

But in spite of her bad behavior, Mya is very affectionate and loves to cuddle and give kisses. So welcome, Mya. One more addition to our full household.