Monday, October 12, 2009


The plumbers spent all day Friday working on our bathroom. I was thrilled, thinking I'd finally get to use my new tub. When they finished for the day, the picture on the left is what we had. The tub surround had to be propped in place until the adhesive dried.

I pouted all weekend while Dave was busy touching up paint and putting on floor molding.

Today the plumber came back and... voila!

The new tub is surrounded!

But still pouting... They put the soapdish in, duct tape holding it in place, and caulked all around everything. And they told me not to use the tub for at least 24 hours, 48 would be better.

I've been waiting forever, it seems like, to get this new bathtub. And still no bath for me.

Forty-eight more hours...


  1. Um, Doll, you haven't had a bath for HOW LONG?

  2. A whole year, lol! But I have had showers...

  3. And it's going to be *wonderful*

  4. I certainly hope so! I'll let you know on Wednesday.

  5. Looks beautiful, Dee!

    Will there be a press release Wednesday?

    Will the CSG be there to help you, uh, wash your back? ;)

  6. LOL, Nicole! Dave's already threatening to take pics of me in the tub for me to post on my blog.

    Hmmm, bubbler tub with a little bubble bath... No, I don't think there's enough bubbles in the world!


  7. Looking for attachments? Just helping you out, here....

    And I quote:
    "...the extra reach you always wanted..."

    You have to pay extra for length. It's optional, eh.

  8. seven feet oughta do it, dontcha think, tartlet? With a twelve inch attachment?

    It's worth every penny of the extra money.