Thursday, March 27, 2014

Worst Winter Ever!

Now that it seems like spring is really here, I just want to document what a terrible winter we've had. We've had cold winters, and we've had snowy winters, but this past winter of 2013-2014 seems to me the worst combination of the two since we moved to South Jersey 40 years ago.

So here's the story, as told through my Facebook posts.

Dec. 8, 2013: Portey loves the snow!!

Later: About 7 inches.

Dec. 10: Well, for once they were right... started snowing at almost exactly 8 a.m. But after an hour, just a dusting on the ground. Of course that's on top of what's left of the 7" we got Sunday.

Dec. 14: Snow to the west of us, Rain to the south... Stuck in the middle with... nada!

Dec. 19: Look who came to visit our pond this morning. He was disappointed, because we made sure there are no gaps in the netting this year.

Dec. 21: Four days before Christmas, and too warm for long sleeves! About 70F in the shade, that's 21C for you metric types, warmer in the sun!

Jan. 2, 2014, 9:31 a.m.: Per JC.... "There is still a small chance of over-performance with this system. We'll give that a 10% chance of holy crap and a 5% chance of dude, where's my car?" *snort*

6:41 p.m.: Snowing in West Deptford. According to JC at Severe NJ Weather, the statewide chance of holy crap has been raised to 20%. The chance of dude where's my car remains at 5%.

A few minutes later: It's snowing! Deck in the back already has a light coating. Portey was running around jumping and snapping at the snowflakes, trying to catch them.

Jan. 3: Portey loves the snow!

Jan. 7: Severe NJ Weather: No, the movie The Day After Tomorrow (2004) didn't happen today.
Me: It just feels like it...

Jan. 12: Good weekend to go up to the farm... all the snow melted.

Jan. 16: En Oheeal... stop it with the damn polar vortex, will ya, eh?

Jan. 21: No snow here in Savannah... Stay in, peeps!

Later: I'm so glad we're not in the middle of a Jersey snowstorm... :)

Jan. 22: Another beautiful day in SC, but COLD! Brrr...

Jan. 25: Last day on Hilton Head... windy!

Jan. 26: Betsy Hosier: Literally shoveled for 3 hrs since our driveway was a sheet of ice!! Man I'm gonna be sore, but hopefully I worked off those girl scout cookies

Jan. 30: The Canadian has been on fire, Enny.... Maybe you should try to cool it down a little bit! That's sarcasm, in case I wasn't obvious enough. Snow coming!

Jan. 31:

Feb. 11: Snowmageddon... Very high chance of dude where's my car?

Feb. 12, 9:57 p.m.: It has begun...

Feb. 13, 7:57 a.m.: Well, I just measured 8", but it's already sleeting, so it might have been a little more than that. Looks like a nasty day in Jersey. Stay home, people!

9:49 a.m.: Gee, West Deptford snowplow driver, thanks a bunch! :(

11:20 a.m.: Video: Portey wants to come in! 8" of new snow, and Portey's cold.

Feb. 15: Rain is turning to snow. Just what we need, more snow... NOT!!!

Feb. 19: Was that thunder?

Feb. 21: Holy smokes! Is it ever warm outside! 63F according to our thermometer, and the snow and ice are melting like crazy!

Mar. 1: Severe NJ Weather: South Jersey KABOOOOOOM!
Me: Great. Another one.

Mar. 4: 4" of light fluffy snow, after rain. Probably all ice out there today.

Mar. 8: Dear God,
Thank you for this lovely sunny day to melt the snow. Please don't send any more snow until next winter.

Mar. 9: Look! Magically appeared when the snow melted!

Mar. 14: Supposed to get snow again Sunday night/ Monday. But for now... Crocuses!

Mar. 15: Good day for studying outside.

Mar. 22: Looks like all the baby koi survived the winter. Counted a dozen today. Nice springlike day.

Mar. 24: It's really cold out again, below freezing, and they sprayed brine on the highway today. Doesn't bode well for spring-like weather in South Jersey, does it?

Mar. 25: Let's get this winter freakin' over!!!

Mar. 26: Just a dusting of snow last night. And just a couple more days of cold, according to the forecast, and then the spring weather will be here. Yay!

And there you have it, the worst winter ever.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New blog

Hey, everyone, I've been invited to contribute to a blog for my church. So if you're interested, you might find me at Holy Conversations, along with our pastor and a few others.
See you there!