Sunday, October 25, 2009

F*cked by Mother Nature

Travel Diary Day 3
Sunday, October 25

Boarding of our cruise ship was to begin at 1:00 p.m. with sailing scheduled for 7:00 p.m. We arrived at the port at about 2:00 and the Royal Caribbean rep handed us a letter and pointed us to the end of a very long queue. We lined up with the other passengers and read the letter:

"Dear Brilliance of the Seas Guest,

"We are writing to provide you with important information regading a one-day delay in the departure of your cruise. While returning to Barcelona, Brilliance of the Seas encountered two weather systems with strong winds and high seas, which significantly slowed its sailing speed. Unfortunately, because of this the ship will arrive in Barcelona much later...

"Our boarding process has been delayed and will now begin Monday... Regrettably, because of the delayed departure, and the time and speed needed, the ship will be unable to make your first two ports of call--Nice (Villefranche) and Florence/Pisa (Livorno)..."

Need I say more?

The cruise line is, of course, paying for our hotel room tonight and giving us a credit to cover what we need to spend for meals. And the excursions we already booked and paid for will be credited to our account.

And the hotel we're in has free wifi... in the lobby, but at least I'm online for a few minutes.

But damn. I really wanted to see Florence.

Maybe next year. . .


  1. "Maybe next year...."...Isn't the line preceding that supposed to be "send in the clowns"? In which case, does that mean you'll be bringing the rest of us with you next year??? Woo-hoo!

    We can make even a cavernous room with 2.000 disgruntled non-sailors fun: think... CONGA!


  2. Yeah, tartlet, next year we can all go! Clowns is right. Can always count on you to get it.