Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My friends have probably noticed the plethora of Vampire Wars posts on my Facebook page. The smart ones have no doubt blocked the VW feed so they don't have to deal with the flood. My online friends, of course, are right there with me, attacking right and left, doing missions for blood and experience points, accepting hundreds of new friends just to have a bigger clan.

What is it about Vampire Wars (and Treasure Madness, and Facebook itself) that's so addicting? Or is it just me?

Okay, I admit, I'm an addictive personality type. I get into things, like fan fiction, like Yahoo groups, and go all out. It got me thinking. What is it that makes an addictive personality? And in other circumstances would I be mainlining heroin instead of biting fictional opponents?

I found a listing of addictive personality traits on and read them with interest...

Antisocial personality: Yes, it's true, I'd rather be home on my computer than out partying.

Low distress tolerance: Yup, that's me, getting all anxious over every little thing. Even had to quit playing Lexulous (a Facebook game similar to Scrabble) cuz I couldn't take the pressure.

Difficulty delaying gratification: Not so much. Never been one of my problems.

Compulsive behavior: Well, duh! I wouldn't be addicted if I weren't compelled to play these stupid games, lol!

Substituting vices: Damn, I wish I could substitute game playing for overeating. Unfortunately, I've discovered one can eat in between kills.

Insecurity: Funny thing about that. Most of the time I'm very comfortable with myself. But there are certain situations and certain people that can bring out those hidden insecurities.

Depression/anxiety: Big maybe there. It's never severe, but I tend to be right on the edge.

Well, addictive personality? Absolutely. So what should I do about it?

Gotta think on that one a while.