Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Return of the Cuban Sex God

My muse is back. No matter how hard I try to ignore him, he's been tickling my mind, nudging me to write something.

My muse is a Cuban sex god, depicted here by the actor Eduardo Verastegui. He's hot, with the most amazing eyes, and he shows up in my bed late at night, whispering in my ear, urging me to write.

Random aside: Did you know that Cuban Sex God is a gay porn video? If you google Cuban sex god images without the "safe search" turned on you come up with the cover of the vid, a guy with the biggest penis I've ever seen in my life! No shit! There's also Cuban Sex God 2. Holy crap! But I'm not publishing the link. You'll have to google it yourself.

Ahem. Back on topic.

Because of the reappearance of the CSG, I actually got out the romance I started almost two years ago and read the prologue and first chapter over again. It still seems like a pretty good beginning to me, even after all this time. And I've been thinking about the characters.

Will this lead to writing more?

I don't know. Stay tuned.



  1. It was a great beginning, and I've been hoping you would carry on with it one day.

    Do it do it do it.

  2. Thanks, Rosie babe. I haven't actually written anything, but I might try chapter 2 and see how it goes. And when you're rich and famous you can get someone to publish me. :)

  3. I"m still a fan of your JE fanfic, so I would love to see you write more fiction inspired by the CSG.

  4. Thanks, Kathy! This is a straight romance, Harlequin-type, but the hero is... wait for it... a former special forces type. :)

    I'll let everyone know if I ever finish it. At the rate I'm going it'll be about 2020.