Friday, January 28, 2011

Life in 17 syllables... or less

Yes, grammar bitches out there, I know it should be fewer, not less, but I don't care. Nitpicker that I am, it bugs me, but not enough to waste brainpower thinking of another headline.

Enough meandering.

Lately I've been thinking in haiku. Did you know that a haiku can be any three-line short poem? That 5-7-5 syllable thing that I thought was set in stone... nope. Apparently 17 syllables was the original Japanese rule, but in English you can say so much more with 17 syllables. The late Keiko Imaoka said the English approximation is more like 11.

Random fact: did you know the plural of haiku is haiku?

However, technicalities aside, I've been sticking with the 5-7-5 format to date. And even with the full 17 syllables, it's not easy to convey an idea or thought in so few words. For months all my book reviews on Goodreads have been haiku, and I find myself looking at life through haiku-colored glasses.

Yesterday my friend Mud, pictured here in zombie form, was trying to write a zombie story to submit to an anthology. She asked me for a "motivational zombie haiku." So here it is...

Yum yum, chomp chomp chomp.
Brains brains the musical fruit.
Oops, there goes my arm.



  1. It really caught me on a good day. Danke for the haiku.

  2. I figured everyone would know it was you, Muddy babe, by the red hair. But had to make sure. Good likeness if you were a zombie, right? And bitte for the haiku. :)

  3. Glad you liked it, Trish. Made me grin when I wrote it. :)

  4. This haiku cracks me up. Hysterical.

  5. LOL, glad you like it, Rosie. And I love the pic of Mud... just perfect. This is what happens when I have an actual day off. :)