Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mother Nature strikes again

Travel Diary Day 10
Sunday, November 1

Take a good look at the picture of Santorini Harbor. Seems kind of far away, doesn't it? Well, that's as close as we got to it.

We dragged ourselves out of bed to the alarm clock at six a.m. and down to breakfast so we could make our seven a.m. meet-up time for our day on Santorini. At seven the boat was still creeping forward, so we sent Dave down to see what was going on. They told him we weren't anchored yet, and to come back in an hour.

Half an hour later the captain came on the public address system with an announcement. He was very sorry, but due to high winds and heavy seas it wasn't safe to use the tenders to get off the ship. Therefore he was canceling our stop in Santorini.


So we went back down to the buffet and had second breakfast.

Drink of the day today is an Aegean Dream, mix of vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry and orange juice. And they're two-for-one during any show. I think we'll be attending every show and enjoying those Aegean Dreams.

And Santorini will remain a dream.

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