Sunday, November 1, 2009

Goddess of the swoosh

Travel Diary Day 9
Saturday, October 31

Today we visited Turkey and toured ancient Ephesus. The extent of the ruins there is astounding, and the grandeur of the place must have been amazing in its day. A huge city, Ephesus was the
crossroads of the ancient world from about 600 BC to 400 AD. St. Paul spent several years there working to convert the citizens to Christianity.

Most of the ruins are from Roman times, and the picture to the right shows the girls with an image of Nike, Greek Goddess of Victory. You can see the Nike swoosh in the design if you look carefully. Who knew?

After viewing Turkish carpets, and even helping Molly
pick out a small one for her townhouse, we had lunch in Kusadasi and shopped for souvenirs. Walking down the streets was an experience in fighting off the merchants, all of whom had great deals and end-of-season sales. It took a firm "No" to convince them we weren't interested.

I'm hoping all the walking we've been doing will work off all the eating so we won't gain a lot of weight on this trip.

Yeah, right.

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