Thursday, November 5, 2009

Critter quiz

Travel Diary Day 13Wednesday, November 4

If you've never been on a cruise, or haven't been on one lately, here are some examp
les of the towel critters the talented cabin stewards leave on our beds. It's obvious what some of them are, not so obvious for others.

So let's have a little opinion poll-- what do you think these towel critters are supposed to be? Leave your answers in the comments section by numbers. We've done our guessing, so it's your turn now.

Another sea day today, still windy but nowhere near as bad as yesterday. We were able to go up on the walking track and do our mile today, trying to keep the extra poundage to a minimum. Of course we just discovered snack time a few days ago, and that means we're going up and eating an extra meal around four p.m. to tide us over until nine o'clock dinner. But hey, if you don't gain weight on a cruise, how will everyone know what a great time you had?

And we may have missed Naples but we caught a little glimpse of Africa--Tunisia--in the distance today. How cool is that? Pretty cool.

Now go do the critter quiz!


  1. Hmm.
    1. Swan
    2. Wabbit?
    3. Snake under a duvet
    4. Intestines
    5. Dachshund running towards you
    6. Bird sitting on the sofa watching TV
    7. Headless horseman
    8. Alf (
    9. Shar-pei
    10. Monster from Predator in bondage

    Well you did ask....

  2. 1. A swan ... that doubles as a toilet snake.
    2. A rabbit, I guess, but it really looks like the digestive system.
    3. A contraceptive device.
    4. A human in the Downward Dog position and a puppy on their back.
    5. A headless cast member from Riverdance.
    6. Dee, if she grew a beak and wings.
    7. Arnold Schwarzenegger doing stretches.
    8. A washcloth person who really needs to go to the bathroom.
    9. A large worm sneaking up behind a tailess washcloth puppy.
    10. An example of cabin stewards having WAY too much time on their hands... but it's adorable!

  3. LOL, youse guys are the best!

  4. 1.snake
    3.sting ray
    5. lamb (reminds me of lambchop)
    6. penguin
    7. idk
    8. frog
    9.puppy (dog)
    10. monkey

  5. 1. Hissing cobra....or a good bowel movement.
    2. Coy bunny...or a bad bowel movement.
    3. Manta...or a stepped-upon bowel movement.
    4. A very agile couple engaged in LXIX...or a REALLY big bowel movement.
    5 A medical experiment gone horribly awry...or a very tall bowel movement.
    6. A bookish Star of David...or a bowel movement in repose.
    7. Decapitated personal trainer...having a bowel movement.
    8. The Coke bear...or Yoda on vacation...having a bowel movement.
    9. A mutant weiner dog...looking for a bowel movement to sniff.
    10. Curious George in bondage.

    Do I win, eh?
    Was I closest?
    I don't really have to beat the others.
    Just Rosa.

  6. LOL, tartlet, you win the prize--for the most bowel movements. Your prize is a gold medal... embedded in a bowel movement.

  7. Are you trying to tell me I'm full of it?
    Besides, I've already GOT one of those medals.

    *Big pout*