Thursday, November 5, 2009

Land ho!

Travel Diary Day 14
Thursday, November 5

Bye bye Brilliance, Brilliance bye byyyye-eye-eye. Sorry, we had a Four Seasons tribute show last night and I can't get Bye Bye Baby out of my head. We're all packed up, suitcases outside the door and Spain is on the horizon as we prepare to go to bed for the last time on the Brilliance of the Seas.

It's been real, and in spite of all the missed ports it's been a great vacation. And Royal Caribbean is giving us a coupon worth 25% of what we paid for this cruise, good toward another cruise. So I expect we'll be going somewhere again next year.

Tonight's pictures show the 10th deck lounge, which has been my private place a lot of the time. It's the closest spot to our cabin that I can connect to the ship's wifi. So the top view is from across the Centrum (look real close for the blonde head in the middle), and then you have a closer picture of me and my netbook.

Tonight during the final show of the cruise, Gordon, our British cruise director, gave us the top ten stupid questions people ask the ship's staff. So here you have them:

10. Do these stairs go up or down? (They go whichever way you want them to.)
9. Does this elevator go to the front of the ship? (Only if you're already horizontal.)
8. How small does my face have to be for the mini-facial? (Just the right size.)
7. What do they do with the ice carvings after they melt? (Put them in the toilets.)
6. Is this island surrounded by water? (Duh... it's an island!)
5. What elevation are we? (Hmm, I didn't notice the ship climbing any mountains.)
4. Is the water in the toilets fresh or salt? (I never tasted them, but you go right ahead.)
3. Does the ship generate its own electricity? (No, they use a really long extension cord.)
2. If the photos in the photo gallery aren't marked, how do I know which are mine? (Don't you recognize yourself?)

And finally, the number one stupid question...

1. Does the staff sleep on board? (No, that's why there's a helipad.)

And so the cruise ends, but we still have one more day in Barcelona to look forward to.

Good night.

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