Friday, November 6, 2009

License to kill?

Travel Diary Day 15
Friday, November 6

Okay, that's just a joke, because when we arrived at our hotel in Barcelona we found our rooms were numbered 001 and 002. We're just like Bond... James Bond.

We had another beautiful day in Barcelona,
perfect cloudless blue skies and clear air, though a little chilly. We headed straight for the Bus Tursitic and rode it to Montjuic, one of the mountains that borders the city. For about eight Euros each we got round trip tickets for the Teleferic, the cablecar that takes you up the mountain to Montjuic Castle.

The castle is more like a fort, with cannons and everything, and was built on the site of a former fort. We walked along the top of the walls and got amazing views of the c
ity and the port.

What a gorgeous city. My new plan is to move here and learn Spanish and just explore Barcelona. Of course I'd have to take up smoking, because everyone smokes here, and get skinny, because everyone is skinny here.

Hmm, maybe not such a great plan after all.

But I'm thinking about it.


  1. welcome (almost) home babe!!!

  2. Thanks, Trish! Made it home today around noon. It's good to be home. I'm gonna sleep for a week!