Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten years ago

The events of ten years ago today are too painful to remember, and yet too important to forget.

I still can't bear to talk about it, to see news coverage, to think about it. And I didn't even lose a loved one. Yet my life, along with everyone else's in this country and around the world, was irrevocably changed.

It still hurts.


  1. It's basically how our lives have now been defined, and I'm angry that such a senseless act was the catalyst. We will always be "post 9-11" and we can never go back. Although we thought we were worldly before, we were Innocents. Once innocence is lost, it can never be recovered. Angry, angry, angry.

    And everytime we have to take off our freaking shoes to board a plane, we are reminded. It's thrown back in our faces when we're doing the most mundane things.

    I can't snort at you on this. All I can do is grrr, eh.

  2. You're right. I'm angry, too. But mostly sad.