Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gluttons for punishment?

Facebook has changed its format again.

And damn! How annoying! Some computer algorithm somewhere decides what my top stories are. And there's no way to get rid of them, at least, not an easy way.

Everyone's in an uproar. How dare they?!

What we all should do is go somewhere else for our social networking. But, you might ask, where?

I have no idea. There's no place else where all my friends are. And vampire wars.

So, grumbling all the way, I'll put up with it. Sooner or later I'll get used to it.

Just in time for the next set of changes... :(


  1. I heard on the news FB was planning more changes (possibly to our profiles).

    Changes mess with our comfort zone. Everyone was up in arms the last time FB stirred the waters. And the time before that it was Twitter with their new format.

    I'd be happy if browsers stopped updating so often. It's a pain to re-add my desktop tools every time they update the browser.

  2. I hate change... and I hate even more the fact that it might mean I'm getting old! :D

  3. I'm trying to just keep it in my head that it's a free service, so I really should cut them some slack. That hasn't stopped me whimpering every time I go to facebook since the changes. I still have more issues with their moving-goalpost privacy policies, on balance.

  4. Rosie, you're just too reasonable. Too... British? As an American, I feel it's my inalienable right to bitch about anything and everything. Me, be reasonable? Cut anyone slack?

    It's part of my practice for growing up to be a real Jersey girl... :)