Monday, September 21, 2009

Bye, bye, birdie

For three mornings in a row we got up to a freaking great blue heron trying to eat our fish.

The first morning he was sitting on the roof of the shed. He must have already dined in the pond, because the fish were all hiding for their desperate little lives and the bird left a huge trail of crap on the roof before taking off.

The second morning I hopped out of bed at 7:15 and pulled up the blind in the bedroom to find the bird standing on the beach staring at the water. He was HUGE, bigger even than the fake one that's supposed to scare him away. The koi were swimming around, but the goldfish were nowhere in sight. I pounded on the window and the bird took off.

The third morning Dave found the bird standing in the water, amongst the fishing line that we have strung across that's supposed to keep him out. Dave scared him away.

So yesterday afternoon instead of watching the Eagles get humiliated by the Saints in the second half, we put the net over the pond. It's a sad day when you can't even sit and enjoy your own fish and water lilies without the barrier of a net.

At least there was no bird there this morning.


  1. Out, damn bird! That net is a tragedy - you have one of the most fascinatingly beautiful backyards I have ever seen - everywhere you look is some wonderful invitation for wildlife of all types and amazingly natural plantings.

  2. Thanks, babe! Hate having to put the net on, but would have had to in a few weeks anyway when the leaves start to fall. Fallen leaves are bad for the pond, sink and decay and feed the bad algae. So glad you liked our backyard!


  3. you know... I have to say this post makes me sad, because whenever I am out amongst to flora and fauna I am always trying to get the perfect shot of the great blue heron....and here he is being a pest...

  4. My sister got a wonderful shot of a great blue out on a golf course somewhere in North or South Carolina. Ours are much too shy. Any movement or noise at all and they're gone. About 10 years ago when we first dug the pond I sat outside in my sweats one chilly morning and waited, but the nearest I could get to the evil bird was about 50 ft. Even with a telephoto lens, didn't get very good pics. Elusive...

  5. Yup, it'll definitely be scissors tomorrow.

  6. At least this one didn't get caught in the net like the one last year...