Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snow birds

So I spent hours sitting up in the spare bedroom during winter storm Jonas. I opened the window and rested my super lens on the sill. This is what I saw.

"Whoa! The diner is full!" Goldfinch stops in mid-air. On the feeder: two goldfinch, a junco, and a song sparrow. First pic taken through the back door, 2 layers of glass.

All getting along. From left to right: House finch, female cardinal, house sparrow, female cowbird and three more house sparrows.

Another pic a little later. Top: cowbird and mourning dove; lower level: Female cardinal, house finch, a couple more house sparrows and another cowbird.

Starling all puffed up, trying to keep warm. Just before I sent Mya out to chase the big bunch of starlings away.

Carolina chickadee with lunch.

House finch, also with lunch.

Dark-eyed junco, chowing down.

"George, is there something wrong with my hair?"
"No, dear, it looks fine."

Blue jays.

One of my best pictures of the day, the two blue jays. The reason we buy peanuts in 50-lb bags from the farm store.

Song sparrow, a regular in our yard, both summer and winter.

Tufted titmouse. I don't think it's possible for these guys to not be cute.

Beautiful male cardinal waiting for his turn at the feeder.

The star of the show! White-breasted nuthatch with snowflakes, one of which looks like a star. This is full frame, not cropped at all.

Catch of the day! A fox sparrow, mostly a woodsy bird, not usually found at backyard feeders. He stayed on the ground underneath the nyger feeder.

Downy woodpecker, male. 

Almost missed this one. She kept flying in, grabbing, and leaving before I could focus on her. Female red-bellied woodpecker.

I missed getting a decent picture of the grackle that swooped in and out, and am still waiting to catch the Carolina wren. But all in all, the snowstorm gave me a great bird day!

Photos all taken with Canon 7D Mark II with Tamron 150-600mm zoom lens. Most cropped and corrected with Photoshop "smart fix."


  1. These are great, Denise! Love our winter winged friends 😍

  2. Gave me pleasure to live your day vicariously through your lens. Hope you have another snow day soon!!!

    Keep snapping, eh! <3

  3. I should've been snapping the day before the storm, too. Lots of birdies then. But I was too busy buying bread and milk. :)