Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ducks Galore!

Not only did we see lots of snow geese on our trip to Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge last week, but there were lots of ducks.

The first ones we saw were the American Black Ducks, squabbling and showing off.

"Don't crowd me, pal!"

"Look, ladies!"

And a lone American Black Duck, ducking for food. Is that why they call them ducks?


Then we saw the Northern Pintails, hanging out with the Snow Geese and constantly foraging for food.

Then, a first for me, Hooded Mergansers, male and female.

Of course there were Mallards.

Finally, as we were leaving, Mute Swans.

So many birds! I took over 500 pictures in order to get maybe 20 or so that I thought were good. That's the beauty of digital. You can just delete the ones that are out of focus, wrongly exposed, blurry, or that you don't like.

Love my birdies!

Canon 7D Mark II with Tamron 150-600mm zoom lens. All at 600 mm leaning on the car window. Cropped and corrected with Photoshop "smart fix."


  1. Nice pictures! I love watching birds, especially when they're on the water. Sounds like you had a nice time!

    1. Thanks, babe! I love the drive-thru wildlife refuges. You don't ever have to get out of your car. :D