Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Not the Erie Canal

Last evening we went through our first lock on the Danube. May I just say... wow!

You can see from the picture how high that lock was. And we were standing on top of the ship, with three decks below us.

Simply amazing!

We went through some other locks during the night, but we were too busy sleeping to see them.

We arrived in Vienna at about 8 a.m. and immediately got onto out tour bus to see the city.
Cathedral of St. Stephen

Although it was foggy to start, we saw lots of churches and palaces. The guide told us there are 360 churches in the city, so you could theoretically go to a different church every day of the year.

The architecture of the city is just beautiful. The coolest part was the Imperial Palace, or Hofburg Palace, which includes the stables of the Spanish Riding School. They were actually unloading some of the Lipizzaner stallions for their training when we were there. I was so busy taking pictures that I almost got left behind by the tour. Lucky thing Davey was watching for me.

Finally, we spent our free time in the Sacher coffee house, originators of the Sacher torte. It was delicious!

Seems like every place we go on this trip, we get coffee and cake.

The diet starts next week. :)


  1. lalala lala lala lala
    lalala lala lala lala
    Dya see a hint on a way to burn off those calories, babe? *snort*

    And I can't believe you got to see the Lipizzaners in their natural habitat! So jealous. I've seen them perform.

    Oh, sure, the churches are cool....but you got to see horsies!!!

    1. I not only saw horsies, I almost got stepped on by one. I stood right in the archway where they led them in. So cool. :)