Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cheers! Hard cider looked like water, but had a kick!
Missed wishing you all happy Thanksgiving last night because we were cruising and the internet was very slow.

Since they don't celebrate our thanksgiving in Europe, we toured all day. First a walking tour of Passau, a lovely town in Bavaria.

Of course there was a cathedral named... guess what?... St. Stephen's, of course! It was the third St. Stephen's we've been to. This one was the best, though, in my humble opinion. Baroque style, very friendly and yet magnificent. It boasts the largest pipe organ outside the U.S. I wish we could have heard it.

After a ship lunch of salmon, mussels and calimari, we boarded a bus for an optional tour of a small farm. Cows, piggies, homemade bread, farm smoked meats, honey, and hard cider were all part of the farm family's products. It's difficult to make ends meet on a small farm in Bavaria, just like at home.

Finally, back to the ship for an "authentic" thanksgiving dinner prepared by our Austrian chef, Karl. Roast turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce, followed by pumpkin cake. It was delicious!

We miss Betsy and Molly and the rest of our family, but we're still having a wonderful time and will soon be home.

Auf wiedersehen for now.


  1. I want a piggy! Bring me one home :) Betsy

    1. They smelled so bad I almost puked. I think you should reconsider... :)