Saturday, November 17, 2012

Beautiful Budapest

St. Stephen Basilica
What a wonderful day we had!

This morning after breakfast in the hotel dining room we did a walking orientation of the area around the hotel. Then we found our way to the marketplace, a huge conglomeration of vendors in an old train station. Lunch there, goulash and hot wine, was delicious!

Opera House
After lunch was a walking tour of the Pest area of Budapest. Lucky for us, it included both a trolley ride and a subway, or underground, ride. We went from the Basilica to the Opera House, then to a bookstore/ cafe for cappuccino and cake, then a quick stop at a confectioner.

We topped off the evening with an amazing dinner at an Italian restaurant, supplemented by free champagne, a free appetizer, free after dinner wine, and, you guessed it, FREE limoncello.

Wonderful day! Tomorrow the ship. :)

Oh and last night after dinner, we enjoyed a bottle of delicious Hungarian white. And lucky for us, corkscrew in the room. No opening the wine bottle with a shoe. :D


  1. You look very happy. Nice. :) Of course, you usually look very happy when you have a bottle of wine in your hand. :P

    You're gonna be so cultured by the time you get home! Hope we can still recognize youse, eh?

    I trust you've sent along some FREE limoncello in the mail to me.