Friday, February 17, 2012

Sick of it

I'm friggin' sick of this. C'mon, Facebook, it's been days now. Get your friggin' act together!

Your former friend,



  1. Ow, sorry.

    When I get that message, I close down the browser and reboot. The longest it ever lasted was a few hours.

  2. Kinda lets us know how compulsive our FB checking is, though, eh? scary. I'd be going batshit crazy after a day. Not because I couldn't post anything, but because I couldn't see what others were saying.

  3. LOL, Maria, you're just too reasonable... Mine has been coming and going, but there are big time gaps in my wall, and I know there are missing posts... :(

    Tartlet, you nailed it... I don't really post on FB that often, but I'm totally nosy and want to know what everyone else is doing... :)