Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All you need is love

On this Valentine's Day, I find myself singing in my head: "All you need is love, waa waah, wa-wa waah..." An old Beatles song that you can listen to here.

But is that true? Is love really all you need?

Obviously we all need food, shelter, clothing, the basic necessities. In addition to that, I've always found I need some sort of sense of purpose, some meaningful work, be it paid or volunteer. And a little appreciation for what I do.

Chocolate doesn't hurt, either.

For me, love is the icing. And how lucky I've been.

How about you? Is love all you need?


  1. Ah, don't tempt me into my favourite rant. Suffice to say, I'm good with like and respect. AS you say, love is the icing. *cough* tooth decay *cough* diabetes.

  2. LOL, not to mention the nausea from all that sugar...

  3. I aspire to like and respect. In the meantime, I'll make do with chocolate.



  4. Love comes with four limbs and much shedding.

  5. Tartlet, chocolate is the ultimate... nothing "make do" about it. :D

    Mud, your buppy love is awesome, and I can't wait to meet Mandy!

  6. I'd have to add a sense of humor--or those days when love is not enough. :)

    This goes for those I love with four paws or two.

  7. You're so right, Maria. One thing about my DH of 38 years... he's a generally quiet guy, but he can always make me laugh. :)