Friday, February 3, 2012

Curses, foiled again

I had the best of intentions.

We had to go up to the mountains for a few days to move my mother-in-law, affectionately known online as "mildew," into a permanent nursing home. Sad.

While up there, we stay at mildew's house, which has been sitting empty for months. It's up in the middle of nowhere, and we've discontinued the satellite TV service, so no TV. And even worse than that, no cell phone service. Hey, when I say middle of nowhere, I mean it!

So before we left, I converted the chapter-and-a-half of the romance novel I've been working on into kindle format and loaded it onto my Fire. My intention was to read it over a couple of times to get myself back into the mood, and hope for a visit from the muse. I didn't wanna lug my computer all that way, but the Fire is a good all-round, game-playing, reading technological marvel.

So the first evening, I pulled out the Fire, opened it up and... no story. Everything else was there, including a half dozen pictures I'd loaded at the same time.

What the heck?

So anyway, in spite of good intentions, I haven't even read over what I wrote two years ago. I'm no closer to working on this romance novel now than I was three days ago. And it wasn't my fault!

Of course now I'm home, with my computer right here, so no more excuses, right?

I'll think of something... :)


  1. "I'll think of something... :)"

    I know you will, babe. You're nothing if not resourceful! "Misloading" it on the Fire? Ms Techie? Riiight....

    But eventually you *will* run out of excuses, and we wait patiently on the sidelines....waiting....waiting...


  2. I only pretend to be techie... Hell, I learned computer programming in the age of mainframes and big stacks of punch cards. Pitiful...

    I'm thinking about it, and thinking about it is the first step to working on it, right? :)

  3.'ll have no choice...the muse WILL come back!!!

  4. From your mouth to God's ear, Trish...

  5. Sneaky creature. Pick up that pen.

  6. I can't believe you write in longhand. I have to keyboard everything. I make too many changes, plus I can go a lot faster with the keyboard so I'm less likely to forget what I meant to say before I get it down. CRS...

    But I've got a good excuse today, newsletter. Not that I've actually done anything on it yet, but I've gotta do it by Tuesday...

  7. Do you think you might've saved it accidentally under 'Documents'? Mine tends to default there.

    You could do a search. Go to the Start button, go to Search and type in the name of the document. It'll bring up everything with that name.

    Good luck.

  8. I found it... after I got home, of course. And by then there was too much else to do, so I still haven't looked at it.

    My excuses even have excuses...