Friday, January 23, 2015

The No Junk Food Challenge

Found this on Facebook:

Do you think I can do this for 21 days? How about the whole family?

Maybe I'll start Monday...



  1. I've done it for about six weeks, with forgivenesses for four socializing events over Christmas, and one incident of sampling homemade cookies. Besides that, it doesn't even occur to me to put that stuff into my face now. Just remember how much work it is to drop the extra fat they will pack on as you raise that arm...

    It's much easier for me, though, as I don't have a loving family to sabotage my attempts. I *guess* that makes it better, eh?

    *wanders away, pondering the ramifications*

  2. You're doing great, tartie. I will go into that good night kicking and screaming. Rage rage is what I foresee... :)