Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pigging out

You're looking at the "before" picture. There are no after pictures, except of the Hawaiian dancers and fire twirler guys.

Tonight we went to a luau. Roast pig and lots of other interesting foods, even poi, which had no taste at all to me. You'd have to be really hungry to eat that.

It was a good day, supposed to be a rest and recovery day after our arduous trip. So we got all dressed and dragged ourselves to our rental van.

First stop: Opaekaa Falls, nice and close to our condos. One of the many falls on Kauai.

Then lunch at a local bar, don't forget the local beer, then the grocery store. Then back to the resort and the swimming pool. You'll find no pictures of us in our bathing attire.

Then an hour to shower and change, and off to the luau. Home about 9 p.m.

Some day of rest, huh?


  1. Youse guys look awesome. What great family pics! I'm still checking my mailbox everyday to see if my ticket was just late, instead of not sent....



  2. Sorry, tartlet, your ticket must have gotten lost in the mail. :D

    But you're right, the pics are going to be great memories of what a wonderful time we're having.