Friday, March 4, 2011

Book review: Treachery in Death

I usually do my book reviews on Goodreads, and lately all in haiku, but I just had to say more about J.D. Robb's latest, Treachery in Death. It's truly amazing to me how a series with more than 30 books, almost 40 if you count the novella-length entries, can continue to provide such high quality.

And this particular one might be my favorite of the whole shebang.

Now if you're in it for the romance, there's not a whole lot of it here. A couple of pretty tame love scenes, and very little of the conflict between Eve and Roarke that makes some of the books so interesting.

And the mystery, well, you know early on who the bad guys are. But you know what? It doesn't make a damn bit of difference. It still kept me up late, wanting to see what came next.

The suspense? Hard to develop too much of that when pretty much every single reader knows Eve's going to come out on top. Even with Eve in the bad guys' crosshairs, you just know she's going to survive, and win, and kick some ass in the process.

What really blew me away about this one was the contrast in characters. Two female lieutenants, one good, one dirty. Their actions, their morals, their motives, their leadership style, the loyalty of their squads. This just couldn't have been better.

I gave it five stars, because that's the most I could. But it deserves six!

Thanks, JD/Nora, for writing brilliant books, year after year, decade after decade. You're a genius!


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  2. My thoughts exactly, Dee! The whole series is so awesome. I have them all and re-read frequently. I have a really hard time being happy with other reading material sometimes. Carnal Innocencence is a good stand alone title by Nora. Blood brothers and Circle Trilogies are favorites, too. I'm reading The Drake Sisters series by Christine Feehan right now. I highly recommend Suzanne Enoch's Samatha Jellico and Rick Addison series. It's kind of like In Death lite in reverse. At least it's the same couple, though. That is what's hard to find. I'd be glad to hear any recommendations from you, too!(: I miss your Babe fanfic, but understand that it would be hard to keep a muse after the last several books.): Take Care, Jennifer(kjen)

  3. Well crap, I thought I just posted a response, but it got lost...

    Thanks, Jennifer, for the recommendations. I'll definitely look for Suzanne Enoch. I've read a whole bunch of vampire books in the past year or so, and most of them weren't that great, with the exception of JR Ward. I'd recommend those if you're into vampires.

    And thanks for remembering my fanfic. I just lost the heart for it. I've been working on an original romance, but haven't gotten very far. Maybe someday...


  4. Just re-read Dusk and Summer last awesome!
    The Sam and Rick books are the only contemporary novels that Enoch has, and they are fun...she writes historical otherwise, which I don't have a fondness for.

    I do have the JR Ward BDB, but am stuck on the 3rd book(Zadist). I get moody in my reading. I'm sure I will pick them back up eventually.

    Nora has a new release in April...Chasing Fire. She has lots of exciting stuff coming out this year including New York to Dallas(the next InDeath). Should be lots of Roarke in that one(;

    Take Care! Jennifer