Saturday, August 29, 2009

Congratulations, ma'am, it's a....... chapter!

I spent all yesterday morning struggling with chapter 1 of my original romance, and managed to produce a whopping 500 words. Wow.

So I ate a whole buncha lunch.

Then I spent all afternoon struggling and managed another 500 words.

Jeez, louise, I never had this kind of trouble writing fanfic.

But after dinner the muse suddenly cooperated. He's a hot Cuban Sex God (hereinafter referred to as my CSG), and when he permits, I can huff up a hurricane of hot wind.

I finished it off this morning and *trumpet flourish* I've got 4,000+ words! A complete Chapter 1! Yay me!

Now if I can just do this 11 more times I'll have a Harlequin!

Don't hold your breath...


  1. Ha! I hates ta tell ya Babe, but the hot Cuban Sex God no longer belongs to you! He's here in the Land of Oz, healthy and happy and now handcuffed to MY bed instead of yours. And I plan to keep him.

    Right at this moment he's the only male, apart from my cat Popeye, that I would even waste my breath on....or hold my breath for mebbe.....*snickersnort*

    Now post that damn chapter. Non of this tweaking for a coupla dayz!!!!

  2. congratulations on doing an original. if anyone can do it, it is you!