Thursday, July 16, 2009

What animal are you?

My "special" friend Noel is always coming up with "special" links to unusual, crazy or pornographic websites and pictures.

This morning I got up to "What animal are you?"

Noel smugly announced that she is a unicorn, one of the most rare animals. Less than 2 percent of people that take this test are the unicorn. Unicorns are good at almost everything they do, and are very well liked!

So of course I had to take the test. What animal will I be? I wondered. Maybe a racehorse, fast and brave and true. Or a dolphin, bright and sociable. Perhaps a kitten, cuddly and adorable. Or a bird, soaring and graceful.

So what animal am I? I quote the website...
You are a Catterpillar! Many people are often envious and jealous of a caterpillar. Caterpillars may not be quick, but they are quite wise and often think about things before they do them.!

Not only am I a caterpillar, but a mis-spelled one! And mis-punctuated. And redundant.

One small consolation: Caterpillars turn into butterflies.

Still waiting on that one.To find what animal you are, go to


  1. Mommy, I'm a bumble bee:
    You are a Bumble Bee! A beautiful insect that is good at working with teams and produces something many want: honey! A bumble bee commands great respect, and will respond to a bad situation with a quick sting! Bumble bees are serious and very wise.


  2. Hey! I resemble that remark!

    Sooo...Ms Cater/Catterpillar.... If I'm reading it right, it appears they're calling you a slow, over-analytical smart-ass. They may be spot on for 33.33% of the description. And they're implying you're tiny. But that's okay. Size doesn't matter, right???

    Me, I'm just "special".
    And horny, too.
    Were you keeping this site G-rated?
    My bad.