Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pond Tales

Did you ever notice how whenever you get your hair done it always rains? Or snows? Or fate in some way manages to fuck up your temporary gorgeousness?

I went to the salon this morning and my guy Marc gave me a lovely color and trim and style. I looked GOOD.

After lunch Dave wanted help cutting back and yanking out some of those yellow flag irises so they don’t fill in our whole pond. So I put on my grubby shorts and tank top and set out to help. I managed to get myself straddling the little runway from the small upper pond into the main pond and went to work yanking out irises.

Of course you know what’s coming next. I grabbed hold of a bunch that I thought I could uproot, pulled really hard, putting my not insignificant weight into it, and…


Flat on my back in the middle of the pond, completely submerged. Dave said it looked like a tsunami, scared the crap out of the koi.

Only good thing was, at least I didn’t lose my glasses in the pond. And at almost three feet deep, I didn’t hit my head on the bottom. Just my ass.

I knew there was a reason I left the pond work to Dave.


  1. Too bad daddy didn't snap a picture! ~Betsy

  2. Gorgeous "after" shot of the pond, Dee-termined. But enquiring minds want to know...where's the "after" shot of YOU? Some of us would pay good money for that pic....CANADIAN money!