Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A blog about laundry

Davey: I guess I'll do some laundry today.

Me, surfing Facebook: Mmmmm...

Davey: Do you think you could write a blog about laundry?

Me: Well, I guess I could, but it would be boring.

Davey: Like doing laundry.

Part of the reason there's so much laundry is because Portey keeps stealing the kitchen towels off the towel bar. He never chews them, just races around the house with them until someone yells and takes them away.

I've discovered a way to stop that attention-seeking behavior. You know those big binder clips, useful for long manuscripts and reports?

I was actually standing there watching him this morning, and he reached up and grabbed the red hand towel. Boy, was he surprised when it didn't come down.

You party pooper, you... :(
ˌinjəˈn(y)oo itē/ 1. the quality of being clever, original, and inventive.

There will no longer be 12 kitchen towels a day in the laundry.



  1. LOL, Ever since I found that the local shredding company gives those away for free, I have found 1000 uses for them. This was definitely not one of them!

    1. We use them as chip bag clips, and for papers, but I can just imagine the many other possible uses. :)

  2. ---> is waiting until tomorrow, when Deezie, with her household's IQ of 600, wakes up to find Portey racing around the house with the entire towel bar in his maw....


    1. He was so shocked when he grabbed the towel and it didn't come off the bar, LOL! Molly figured he might be able to pull that whole cart, but if it moves it will scare him. He's so funny!

  3. Well played! I always feel inordinately smug when I outsmart one of my cats. Of course, the feeling only lasts a few minutes because they usually find a work-around in record time... ;)

    1. Cats are cleverly evil... or evilly clever. Portey is very happy go lucky. Now that the towels are off the bar, so to speak, I'm sure he'll find something new to steal. :)