Monday, January 21, 2013

Evil comes to visit

A saga in pictures:
Evil great blue heron sneaked under the pond net and can't get out.

Frantic flapping, but the netting keeps him in.

Davey goes to raise the netting and evil bird flaps across the pond to me.

Back on the far side, he rests after his terrible ordeal.

Free at last, he huddles by the fence before finally flying away.


  1. I can't believe he sneaked in under the net. I hope he reconsiders doing it again now that he realizes it could trap him.

    1. He was only stuck under there for a few minutes, but I bet it took years off his life. I almost feel sorry for him... as long as he didn't eat any fishies. :)

  2. hahahahaha!

    You keep setting out that multicoloured buffet, sweetie, and you'll never be lonely, eh?

    1. Yeah, you wouldn't be laughing if it were your 15-year-old expensive koi getting eaten, tartlet...