Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Different View


An Engineer's Holiday Redux

Three years ago we stopped at Waterford, NY, and visited the locks at the start of the Erie Canal. You can read about it here:

Today we saw the same locks from the inside, on a river/canal  cruise.  Very cool.

If I ever figure this new tablet pc out, I may post more. :)


  1. Youse are the ultimate tourists, eh?

    "Let's spend the day in these concrete coffins, waiting for the tub to fill."

    "Sounds like fun to me, sweetie!"


    1. We've reached the highest point of the canal now and start down with the next lock. Been thru about 20 , 10 more to go. It's fun!

    2. Captain just said, "Lock 21 ahead. It's all downhill from here."

  2. Photographer from WCNY TV in Syracuse taking pics. They're doing a special report on the Erie Canal. He said we can look for pics in about a month. If you're from the Syracuse area watch fir me waving from the side of the Grands Mariner. :)