Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Trashy book wisdom

I'm reading another trashy romance, For Love or Legacy by Ruth Cardello. Something in the book, a comment by one of the character's mothers, struck me:

The great part about getting older is you realize you don't have to impress anyone else.

How true!

That is all.


  1. Exactly! I might have to frame that saying. LOL.


  2. I find the older I get, the less I care about what people think of me. Being really old, I remember that Ricky Nelson song from, I googled it, 1972...

    But it's all right now
    I've learned my lesson well
    You see you can't please everyone
    So you've got to please yourself

    Good sentiment...

  3. I'm honored to have a quote worthy of your "Trashy Book Wisdom" title. You made my day. lol

    Thank you,
    Ruth Cardello
    Maid for the Billionaire
    For Love or Legacy

  4. OMG, Ruth, I thought after I posted this that "trashy" wasn't exactly the right word... Hope you aren't offended. :)

    I enjoyed both of your two, and they are exactly the kind of book I need to read at this point in my life. Fairly quick, easy reads with happy endings. And the occasional bit of wisdom that sticks with me.

    Thanks for sharing your talent.

  5. If Ruth Cardello is anything, she is WISE. She blows me away with her wisdom daily. She's like my guardian angel. And her books rock. I read them both, and when I finished the second one, I yelled, "NO!" I have never done that before in my life. Go Ruth. Oh, and can't wait to read book three.

  6. Dee,
    Don't worry, I wear my trashy novel badge with pride. I am a huge fan of escapism romance. After a long week at work, give me a bubble bath, a glass of wine, a book I can finish during a prolonged soak (and a husband sweet enough to watch our toddler while I dream). lol

    Annette, you are so sweet to post that. I'm a huge fan of your writing, so your comments mean the world to me :)