Monday, November 28, 2011

Scrooge no more

It's officially the start of the holiday season, and I'm not happy. I frickin' HATE the holidays.

It may be partly because I work part-time at a church, and other than Easter it's the busiest time of the year. Extra work, but of course, no extra pay.

Not to mention all my own shopping, Christmas letter, cards, parties, the six-hour drive to visit my mom and the five-hour drive to mother-in-law, yadda yadda yadda.

As a Christian, I should love the season, looking forward with great anticipation to the birth of Christ. But we've turned the holiday into such a bastion of commercialism and family duty that it's lost its meaning.

I've considered just abandoning all the secular trappings, but I don't think I can do it. My family expects gifts and I don't want to disappoint them. My friends and relatives actually look forward to my annual letter and card, or at least they say they do. The church people need the Christmas events. And my mother and mother-in-law really want the visits and would be sad without them.

This year I'm going to try really hard to improve my attitude. Yeah, I know, I'm a curmudgeon and everyone expects me to bitch and moan all the time. But I really mean it. I'm going to do my best to find the joy this year.

How do you feel about Christmas? Do you love to shop? (Grrr, I hate it... oops, sorry, backsliding already.) Do you love the decorations? The insane holiday music everywhere you go?

And do you think I'll really manage to change my attitude? Does it count if I just hate it inside and don't bitch and moan?

2011, the year of Scrooge-no-more. Hey, it could happen...


  1. I like to shop for friends and family, but I don't like to be told to shop. Does that make sense?

    I've reached a stage in my life where I only give gifts because I want to, not because it's in season. Once I decided not to join the 'pack' I felt much better about Christmas.

  2. @Maria: I have a guilt problem. I don't want to disappoint anyone, even if they drive me crazy. I want everyone to be happy. Therefore the only one that's unhappy is... yep, you guessed it... me.

  3. Good luck with the attitude adjustment, dear Deezie.
    That's a lot of years of grump hardwired into your psyche that you're trying to delete. You can't clear your cache that easily, so you're kinda depending on the reboot to set things right. Sometimes it works, so I'm crossing my fingers...and toes...and eyes for you.

    All I know is I already feel bad that I didn't go out shopping this weekend, and i have no intention of going this week either, so that means I'll be even more miserable in those hated crowds doing that hated shopping than I have to be.

    It's all MY fault.
    Guess I'm not Stephanie Plum, eh?

  4. Poor tartlet... I can't imagine every enjoying shopping, but I've managed to solve that problem to a great extent by letting my fingers do the walking, or rather, ordering. I never have to leave my comfy chair. The intraweb'z an amazing thing. :)

  5. I'll help keep you in the holiday spirit! :) Just think of everything we've done so far. Presents for Nanny and Aunt Deb, done. Presents for Grandma, almost done. Dad and I will decorate while you are at Nanny's so you can scratch that off your to do list. And I promise not to hum any Christmas songs while I study (can't promise I'm not gonna hum though :-P)! Love you!

  6. LOL, it's okay to hum... sometimes. And you're right, we're doing pretty well so far. Thanks for helping. Love you, too!