Saturday, July 2, 2011

Breakaway in Haiku, Part 2

Cedar Creek shopping
Historic town, former mill
And crepes with custard

Facebook marathon
Lubricated by vodka,
Wine, margaritas

Roses, peonies
At Boerner Botanical
And hostas galore

Wine tasting evening
Friends bonding over bottles
White, red and rosé

Hugs, tears and farewells
Goodbye for another year
Bittersweet heart tugs


  1. I already forgot about the great FB marathon. Or it was the alcohol! Looking forward to the UK next year!!!

  2. Oh man. Now I want frozen custard. Ain't nobody here heard of it, eh. And wine. And Cedar Creek. And gardens I don't have to weed. Waaah!

  3. Mud, I'd forget, too, if I didn't keep some kind of record. I had just two pics of that FB evening, nothing good, but just enough to remind me.

    Tartlet, I want custard, too. :(

    It was such a fun week. Thanks again and again for having us, Mud!

  4. P.S. Did anyone notice the fake wine-tasting picture?

  5. omg! I did not realize that until you mentioned it. Hahaha! I even remember dipping my head for the pic, but didn't remember when yo took it.

    I have pics from the wine tasting, but they're on my phone, and I can't get them to load. Grrr.

  6. Both pics were taken during the wine tasting, just a few minutes apart. I just cloned them together. Came out pretty good, huh? :)

  7. Click on the pic to zoom in.

    Clues: look at the glass on the left and the glass next to it... slightly different angles. That second-from-left glass was half from one pic, half from the other. And look at Steph's hand holding the cup... there's a plant in the original, and one leaf is showing on her hand. I coulda photo-shopped it out, but it didn't seem worth the time. Took enough time to copy and paste you in and smooth out the transition.

    I am very clever. :)