Friday, July 30, 2010

Wild thing, part deux

He's ba - ack!

A couple days ago the woodchuck showed up in our yard again. And he was brazen!

He toddled right over to the flower bed, ripped apart a yellow coneflower plant and gobbled it down. Funny how all the wild animals we've had, bunnies, squirrels, chipmunks, like those yellow coneflowers. But that's a discussion for another day.

Anyway, then he waddled along the back of the house, rummaging around among the flowers and plants there. Okay, no problem. I watched from the sunroom, snapping pics as fast as I could.

But THEN he started digging a burrow along the foundation, right among the sprinkler heads and electric wires.

"Da-a-a-ve!" I yelled. "He's digging a hole!"

Dave went down to the back door, right next to where Woody was digging. Even after Dave opened the door and leaned out, about 10 ft from him, Woody kept digging. It wasn't until Dave walked out and yelled at him that he scurried to safety under the deck.

So Dave got out the very expensive "Repels All," purchased last year from the farm store when the skunk took up residence under our deck. He sprinkled some in the flower bed.

A couple hours later, Woody was back, digging in the same spot. Muttering and cursing under his breath, Dave went back out, filled in the hole, and sprinkled more Repels All, a stinky mixture of dried blood, putrescent whole egg solids and garlic oil. (Who thinks up this stuff, anyway?) Then he went out to the back gate, sprinkled more, and filled in the small gap there with wire fence. That oughta do the trick, he thought.

That was two days ago. Yesterday was quiet, but this morning, guess who was back again... that's right, our hole-digging, plant-gobbling, wood-chucking friend.

We don't own a gun, and I've never shot an animal in my life.

But there's always a first time. :)


  1. Let's see...Not one, but TWO professional engineers, access to electricity and wire, the know-how to reduce voltage, and an animal with a brain the size of a wasabi pea whose only goal in life appears to be digging in just one spot...hmmmm...

    I'm just sayin....

    And this is coming from a woman who rescues spiders and dragonflies in ponds.

    Better to smack a child on the nose than let him think it's okay to short-circuit (Flame On, Johnny Torch!) buried wiring.

  2. LOL, tartlet! You should have seen the poor squirrels when Dave electrified the top of our fence to stop them from leaping onto the bird feed. It kept them off the fence, but they found another way onto the bird feeder. Tho I suspect the woodchuck may not be as smart as a squirrel, or as persistent. Have to think on that one, since the sprinklers are along the house, too. Electricity + water = not good.

  3. You are SOOOO screwed. We've had the 'chucks here for 16 years, they multiply. They ALWAYS have an escaped hatch (multiple holes into and out of their burrows.) I still have the live trap we set out and caught:
    1 Rabbit
    2 Opossum
    3 Skunk (Those were fun, they were babies)
    4 Squirrels'
    And not a single chuck.

    They like hotsauce too. We had one at the botanical gardens that ate 5000 marigolds in one night. Job security.
    Hehehehe. I do have some recipes for marmot.

  4. Dammit, Mud, I don't wanna hear that. But Dave found this online...

    OK, this may not be everyone's cup of tea...but groundhogs/woodchucks can be deterred very effectively by human urine. I heard about this from an old timer, when I was complaining about them eating the foliage off bean plants. I tried several "applications" around the bean patch and the woodchucks took off for parts unknown. Fortunately, my new garden is woodchuck free. So no need to run afoul of the neighbors or local authorities while applying my woodchuck deterrent!

    P.S. Applying the deterrent is aided by consumption of several of your favorite brews. Inhibitions are lowered and output is greatly increased!